Photo: Mathieu Ball

Big Brave is at the peak of its career. They released another brilliant album (considered by many critics to be their best), and fans and colleagues do not spare words of appreciation. In April, they will play at the legendary Roadburn Festival, meanwhile, Robin Wattie, guitarist/vocalist of the band answered a few quick questions.

My biggest idol

I can’t narrow it down to one, but rather an array of influencing guitar players. Sonny Sharrock, Derek Bailey, Bill Orcutt, Junior Kimbrough, all of which have deconstructed or pushed the guitar into new sonic territories.

Music that I chill to

Harold Budd is the main one I go to when I want to zone out. His Steel Guitar soundscapes are just the right amount of patience and minimalism. Ideal for afternoon naps.

The perfect album (without any not-so-good moments)

Harvey Milk – A Small Turn in Human Kindness. From beginning to end, this is my favorite 'heavy’ record. The pacing and sequencing are absolutely perfect. Such great use of space and silence. Also includes some of my favorite ever guitar solos.

Music that I listen to while on the road

Chuck Johnson (the pedal steel guitarist) makes perfect records for driving. To either accompany the landscape or to help me relax when driving in more stressful scenarios, his music makes for the perfect driving soundtrack.

Artist that should be known much more

I just discovered the band 'Still House Plants’. Maybe they are more well-known than I am aware of, but having just heard them very recently, I hope they get on as many people’s radars as possible. Hope to see them live one day.