Soundtrack of My Life: Big Brave

Photo: Mathieu Ball

Big Brave is at the peak of its career. They released another brilliant album (considered by many critics to be their best), and fans and colleagues do not spare words of appreciation. In April, they will play at the legendary Roadburn Festival, meanwhile, Robin Wattie, guitarist/vocalist of the band answered a few quick questions.

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Bad questions: Yard Act

Yard Act do seem like a band with many bold opinions and ability to talk and anyone who ever saw them live can confirm. And we do like people with bold opinions. And we love asking them some bad questions. As you’ll see, James Smith (vocalist) and Sam Shjipstone (guitarist) even have an opinion about having an opinion on other artist’s music. And that’s of course among the usual – bad food, being a musician, plans for next 5 years and… cosplay. Have fun! Continue Reading „Bad questions: Yard Act”


Bad Questions: Colin H. van Eeckhout of Amenra

I think every person that didn’t choose Metronomy concert over Amenra on 2022 OFF Festival later praised the latter as one of the best performances of this year’s festival.  Their fans are one of the most loyal and serious we know (and of course thousands of them came to Katowice), but something told us that the band itself has a sense of humour. That (and of course a little misshap that prevented Agata from doing this interview) led us to confront their vocalist – Colin H. van Eeckhout with our silly, not-so-smart „Bad Questions” questionnaire. How did he deal with that? Expect everything – from pissing to the bucket to bad chili. Continue Reading „Bad Questions: Colin H. van Eeckhout of Amenra”


Big fish in a small pond. An interview with Chat Pile

It’s not usual that music based on such gory lyrical themes as Chat Pile’s songs gets so popular this quick, but hey – is anything that we’ve experienced in last 3 years (which is also the time that this band exists) usual? The newest noise rock kings from Oklahoma City are taking the alternative scene by the storm – especially with their critically acclaimed first LP – The God’s Country – that have been released in 2022. I’ve had the pleasure to talk about the gore, love for movies, living in the southern US and many other topics with their vocalist – Raygun Busch. Check it out! Continue Reading „Big fish in a small pond. An interview with Chat Pile”


Weird coping mechanism. An interview with DIIV


All is not lost that is delayed. We were supposed to talk to them in Vienna in 2020, but then the pandemic hit and their show got cancelled. More than two years later we’ve met on our favorite OFF Festival just after their great concert on the main stage. Although we only had 10 minutes, the guys told us about coping with pandemic, 10 years of their debut album and spilled some beans on their upcoming one.  Continue Reading „Weird coping mechanism. An interview with DIIV”


Love it or leave it. An interview with UNSANE

New York noise rock trio UNSANE is back to smash your brain with their noise-laden sonic assault. The band is just about to bring out a remastered version of their self-titled debut album (on September 23rd) and tour intensively all over Europe. Chris Spencer [vocalist/guitarist] willingly told me all about living in New York in the 80s, playing shows in CBGB, recording s/t and his deep love for horror movies. This guy has sooooo many great stories!

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Soundtrack Of My Life: Sean Nicholas Savage

In 2020 – as the pandemic took a little summer break and polish officials allowed to organize small outdoor concerts, I went to Opole to my beloved Songwriters Festival. Two days of fun came to close with an outstanding concert of Sean Nicholas Savage who performed in a rather small tent during an enormous storm having only his backing tracks as a company. And even though the world seemed to fall apart for a moment, the gathered crowd couldn’t take their eyes and ears from Sean who owned the stage like he was born on it. Truly a magical performance. This week he’s coming back. This time with a band and visiting not only Opole, but also Warsaw and Poznań weeks before the premiere of his next album – „Shine”. Is there a better time to ask about his favourite music? I don’t think so! Continue Reading „Soundtrack Of My Life: Sean Nicholas Savage”


Top 5 of the non metal related records that inspired Wyatt E. as a band

pic by John Van de Mergel

Wyatt E. are cloaked in mystery, very much allowing their music to do the talking. And when it talks, it provides deep meditation and other-worldly vibes in abundance. Layering instrumentation and atmospherics to create a hypnotic soundscape that ebbs and flows, taking listeners on a journey far beyond the physical realm. Continue Reading „Top 5 of the non metal related records that inspired Wyatt E. as a band”


Portrayal of Guilt’s Matt King shares his favorite albums from 2021

photograph by Rolf Venema

The past year has been very busy for Portrayal of Guilt. They released two well-received albums and toured as much as possible. Unfortunately, the band’s European tour was postponed, but we keep our fingers crossed that it will still be done. Meanwhile, Matt King, the band’s vocalist, took a moment to talk about his favorite albums from last year. Continue Reading „Portrayal of Guilt’s Matt King shares his favorite albums from 2021”