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The past year has been very busy for Portrayal of Guilt. They released two well-received albums and toured as much as possible. Unfortunately, the band’s European tour was postponed, but we keep our fingers crossed that it will still be done. Meanwhile, Matt King, the band’s vocalist, took a moment to talk about his favorite albums from last year.


Chief Keef - 4NEM

I haven’t been doing the best job at keeping up with what Chief Keef has been up to since maybe 2012 or so, but when I saw this album drop I wanted to check it out. The whole thing flows and the production is great, I liked it so much I went back through his discography to go through what I’d slept on.

Young Dolph & Key Glock - Dum and Dummer 2

I love the first 'Dum & Dummer’ collab. I was so stoked to see a second one, I listened to this a ton on our last tour. I’m sad there won’t be another but grateful we got two. RIP Young Dolph.

Hotline TNT - Nineteen in Love

I fucking love guitar music and this is a perfect example of what I’m about. These riffs don’t lie, the album is so good. People need to listen to this band!

Tower 7 - ...Peace on Earth?

Just discovered this band recently, this album blew me away. Another example of guitar music™ in my book.

Cryogeyser - timetetheredtogether

Another guitar music™ example. I love Shawn’s vocals and songwriting, this is an amazing collection of songs.

Melissa - S/T

I’d heard about this band through Ben Greenberg who just recorded our last album as he worked on this one as well. Dark, horny punk music leaning in the direction of black metal. That’s my shit! This rips.

Slim Guerilla - PIMPDEMIC

I love everything that this dude puts out. I thought the title was amazing given the times and the tracks are smooth as hell.

Yautja - The Lurch

Yautja is one of my favorite current bands and they’re great people too. Their riffs are disgusting and the drumming is ridiculous. Tyler is one of my favorite drummers in the game right now. This album is my favorite from them yet!

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