Dear Undertone, this is Temporex. His chill-yet-sad album „Care” was one of the things that we criminally overlooked in 2017, but we made amends and listened to this album, like, million times the next year. And now – as we are getting closer to his first concert in Poland (February 11th at Pogłos in Warsaw) – we are getting to know him better. And what’s the better way to get to know someone than to check his musical taste? None. Spoiler: he’s super nice.


Music of your biggest idol

Right now I’d say my idols are Prince and Brian Wilson. They are both such amazing songwriters, musicians, and composers and I hope I am as good as them one day.

Music that you chill to

I chill to Triathalon and Mk.Gee, their music is music for chillers of all shapes and sizes.

Music that reminds you of your first love

Probably Butterflies by Michael Jackson, that song helped me realize me and my girlfriend both have almost the same exact taste in music, and it’s an overall pretty song.

An album that you wish you had done

I really wish I wrote Woof Woof by Arthur and probably Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. There are so many great ideas within both of those albums I wish I had come up with them, listening to both of them makes me jealous in the best way possible.

Music that convinced you to become a musician

Cherry Bomb by Tyler, the Creator, and both Homeshake and Jerry Paper’s discography made me want to try and make some music… so I did! And now I’m Temporex!

An earworm that comes back to you most often

Right now its Lady Cab Driver by Prince. That song keeps coming into my head. It’s so fun to sing and it’s groovy as hell!!

The most important album of your life

It’s a tie between Cherry Bomb by Tyler, the Creator and Skiptracing by Mild High Club. Both of these albums explore so many ideas and genres that made me realize an album can be anything and formatted in any way.

Music that reminds you of home

The Homeshake Tape is super homey and very cozy. I remember painting the „Care” album cover to that album.

The best album of 2018

The best album in my opinion is 'Woof Woof’ by Arthur, but I also really liked Mk.Gee’s 'Fool’. They’re both so unique and are full of some great ideas and textures and some amazing layers that keep my brain super interested in what’s going on in each song.

Temporex is going to play in Warsaw

February 11th, Pogłos club

facebook event // tickets

More concerts at BOREDOM BOOKING

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