Well, right man in a right interview… right? Mez Green is a lead vocalist in a  band called LIFE – the one we saw in Reims before the mighty IDLES and the same one that is coming to Warsaw this October to play a headline show promoting their second album – „A Picture Of Good Health”. We already know it’s going to be amazing (as it was in France, trust us) and well, LIFE in „Soundtrack Of My Life”? Feels like we’ve been waiting for all our, ehrm… lives.


Your biggest idol


  • My Dad because I l have learnt everything from him – like how to be a dad.
  • Leonard Cohen because I can drown in his lyrics.
  • Mark E Smith because he didn’t give a shit about scenes or niceties or bending at the fucking knee. 
  • Jarvis Cocker because he’s a Yorkshire man and knows how to wear a suit. In the 90s he was boss. He also farted all over a certain Pedo.  
  • Keanu Reeves because he invented film acting.
  • My son – Gus – because he’s my best friend at three years old.
  • My Mum because she is my magnet.

Music that you chill to

At the moment, maybe, when I’m in the bath and scrubbing the dead skin off my dead feet. I like to smoke a roll-up, crack a beer and listen to Protomartyr. ‘The Agent Intellect’ is golden and the lyrics are all types of mustard, they’re fucking heat and heat is what you need when you need to escape.

Music that reminds you of your home

Probably The Clash or The Pogues or something totally spanked like Pentangle or Peatbog Faeries. My brother (guitar) and I grew up around some family led liberal parties. They would often last all day and night. It was better than sitting down to prayer.

First album that you’ve bought for your own money

‘A different class’ by Pulp.

The perfect album (without any not-so-good moments)

‘Light Up Gold’ by Parquet Courts is a non-stop meat and two veg album. When it first came out I constantly hit repeat. It has everything and zings with pace and thrills and yet still has time for some Pavement-esque moments. Purity.

Music that you listen to while on the road

On a certain streaming service I use the artist radio option. I type in Baxter Dury  because ‘Prince of Tears’ was an outstanding piece of work and he knows how to wrap his tongue around words.

Album/ song that made you think about becoming a musician

‘Is this it’ by The Strokes. It made music sexy again. Everyone at school was still listening to Slipknot, Papa Roach and Britney and I just didn’t get it – but then ‘Is this it’ dropped and I was like hello music, hello fashion, hello Mexican beer with a lime in the snout, hello New York.

A song that always makes you dance

‘Daft Punk is Playing At My House’ by LCD Soundsystem. James Murphy is a God. I danced my self fitter at Leeds Festival in 2010 to their set.

Artist that should be known much more

The XX Teens wrote a killer debut album called ‘Welcome to Goon Island.’ It sounds like a modern-ish take on The Velvet Underground, The Fall, B-52s and Talking Heads but maybe with some tongue-in-cheek irony. The words are totally bombed out, which helped as when I hit play I was taking and swallowing a lot of ecstacy.

Music that reminds you of your school

Dead Kennedy’s ‘Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables’ in particular a song called Police Truck.

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And definitely check out LIFE’s concert 06.10.19 in Warsaw (Hybrydy) or on any show of their long UK & Europe tour. They’re worth it.

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