Every time we interview a legend, we learn something new. Mostly about asses and/or poop. This time an oracle of garage rock and soul – King Khan of King Khan and The Shrines (and many other bands) told us that your ass can actually cry. And gave us a huge insight into soundtrack of his life. Check it out and, hey, don’t you dare to stay home July 17th, while King Khan and The Shrines will rock Pogłos in Warsaw, Poland once again.


My first love

William S Burroughs – “Disciplinary Procedures”

Drugs!!! When I was a teenager, no one ever talked to me about drugs… so naturally all I wanted to do was drugs. All drugs. Especially psychedelic drugs. When I discovered “Naked Lunch” by William S. Burroughs, I was just 14 and my father was addicted to cocaine and was a terrible junky. And so, I was fascinated by the whole drug thing but also deeply disturbed by what a monster it made him. Now that I myself am a father, I have told my kids all about my drug experiences and they found it very amusing and now don’t have that same insatiable thirst. So, let that be a lesson to all you parents. Talk to your kids about your experiences and they will learn to walk the right path. And smoke weed with them – a family that gets high, stays together. I choose this track cuz I produced an album of recitations of Burroughs reading „the most unspeakable parts of Naked Lunch” and I feel that the fact I was invited to make this album with Burroughs 20 years after his death… I feel like my life has always been following the right path of illumination and for this I must thank Lou Reed who championed me to his producer Hal Wilner who then recruited me for this mission.

Music that reminds me of home

CPC Gangbangs – “Teenage Crime Wave”

I like to listen to this when I am in a plane landing in Montreal. It feels like that flash you get before you die when all the DMT in your pinneal is squeezed out. I think of all the fun times I had growing up and feel true bliss.

Music that I listen to while on the road

Philip Cohran – “White Nile”

This song has become so important to my life. It began when I used it in the film soundtrack I made for a documentary about Memphis black power group The Invaders. I put the song underneath some really powerful speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and it made the images of poverty in America burn into your brain. The most alchemical reaction can be made with music and the right imagery. I learned that from Jodo! [Alejandro Jodorowsky – chilean filmmaker and artist]

When I first thought about becoming a musician

Velvet Underground – “Guess I’m Falling in Love (instrumental)”

When I Was a kid and I heard this, all I wanted to do was to make rock ’n’ roll music. It was not just an urge or desire… it felt like there was no other choice. Do or die! And I guess I was falling in love… with rock ‘n’ roll!

The most important album in my life

Roland Rahsaan Kirk – “The Inflatable Tear”

Too hard to just name one… But I will choose a song that I feel like is the most important song to me. The emotion this stirs in me is just unimaginable. When it starts, I think about what an inflatable tear is and the music makes sense. And then when it gets smooth I picture Robert De Niro in “Taxi Driver” driving around 42nd Ave in New York in the 70s thinking about the rain washing the scum away. And then I start to miss the scum. And then a tear forms under my anus and for a brief moment I think that I might have shit my pants, but then I am relieved to know it was just a tear drop crying out for all the scumbags that got washed away by these same ass tears.

Artist that I would recommend to a friend

Mary Ocher – “I, Human”

I worked with Mary a lot, and I am so happy and amazed at all that she does. Constantly reinventing herself and also critiquing the world with the eyes of a genius and the soul of a revolutionary.

The album that I would like to produce

That is easy… The Black Lips country album! And guess what!!!! I am producing it!!!! Also, I produced the new Jackie and the Jackets record which Alice Cooper actually loves! No joke… Go ask Alice!

King Khan and The Shrines are going to play in Warsaw

June 17th, Pogłos club

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