I asked Greg from The Undergroud Youth to choose soundtrack to certain events in his life. You can see his answers below. The band will be playing in Poland two times: 5.11 in Warsaw and 6.11 in Poznań.

[You can read it in polish]

My love

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Boatman’s Call

It’s far too personal to go into any depth.

When I first moved out of my home town

I first left my home town of Blackpool to attend University, though it didn’t feel like I’d really moved away until I relocated to Manchester years later. That move rekindled my love for all the music that was born in and around that City – Joy Division, The Fall, Magazine, The Chameleons. The list goes on.

Music that I listen to while on the road

Lee Hazlewood – Love and Other Crimes

We did a tour a few years ago on which we played Lee Hazlewood in the van daily. It’s the perfect soundtrack to all the ups and downs of being on tour. The idea for us to cover his song ‘Your Sweet Love’ for our album ‘What Kind of Dystopian Hellhole is This?’ grew from that.

When I started my first job

The Cure – 'Disintegration’

One of the first of many short lived temporary jobs I had growing up was soundtracked by my discovery of The Cure and particularly their album ‘Disintegration’. Something in that deeply melancholic sound suited how I felt about the job. I’d welcome the moments of solitude in which I could listen to it whilst ‘working’.

First record I ever bought

I can’t actually remember the first time I bought a record. Looking back at the time period it was probably an Oasis album or CD single. As a teenager I was listening to a lot of Hip-Hop records. I have no memory of which one came first.

When I first thought about becoming a musician

Bob Dylan – Shelter From the Storm

I saw video footage from the sixties of Dylan performing live. That was the moment I realised that the poetry and writing I’d been doing could be transferred into music by learning a few basic chords on a guitar.

The most important album in my life

Rowland S Howard – Teenage Snuff Film

One of my favourite artists, songwriters, guitarists. This album became one of my all time favourites on first listen. It’s importance to me has only grown over time.

An artist that changed my perspective of life

This really is hard to pin down to one individual, something between Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and David Bowie, but for the constant inspiration I derive from The Velvet Underground and his solo work I’d name Lou Reed.

Music that I listen to when I’m sad

Townes Van Zandt – I would (and do) listen to Townes in any mood, but there’s something in his lyrics and vocal that perfectly accompanies the sad.

Photography by Miriam Marlene Waldner

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